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Default Furious Paladin reward problem ?

Hey all,

Not sure where I had to post this, but I have been spending some time trying to start a good game using the KBScanner tool.

Now the thing is, my scan shows for:

Inquisitors: Marshan Swamp - Furious Paladin's House - 31 - Complete the Quest Blessing of Crypts

Scroll Ressurection: Marshan Swamp - Furious Paladin's House - 1 - Complete the Quest Blessing of the Crypts.

So after I managed to complete it, I was so hoping for more inquisitors and the mighty resurrection scroll ...., but for some weird reason he still is not selling either of these 2 things.

I even completed the next quest and kept the paladin alive by not destroying all statues, but still no change in the stuff he sells ...

What's wrong here and is there a way to fix it ?

P.S.: I also posted this in technical issues forum because I didn't know where to put it
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