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Default completed quest fails as a result of another quest

It is a given that some quests would fail if you kill the quest person. Case in point, the miller who turned into a zombie; if you kill him at any time during the quest, then you fail that quest.

What is not immediately transparent is that a quest that has already been completed successfully could change to a failed quest due to a related quest. This happened to me for The Enthrallment of Bogis quest. I decided to attack Squelch and raise King Mark's flag on everyone's castles/houses. After defeating Squelch, and when you talk to Bagaba (which is a required dialogue path for Bogis' Problem), The Enthrallment of Bogis quest turned from completed to failed (see screenshot below).

Just a fair bit of warning, especially for those trying for a good score as only completed quests count. I actually thought killing Squelch would help out my score since you get something like 380 XP for wiping out his army, which is a pretty good amount of XP for that point of the game. But since that seemed to result to a failed quest, I reloaded and didn't fight him.

I'm actually not sure if this is a bug or not, and if it is a bug, if the quest tagged as failed actually still counted as a completed quest for the record, but it's better safe than sorry, and the XP gain is really not that much if you take a look at XP gains later on.
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