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Considering it's taking them this long to make it this far they might as well delay it again and fix the errors and get it right, which should have been done a few years ago.the suspension still looks buggy when they go on the curb, the truck sounds sound horrible,again the models need a refresh sort of like the sterling got, the police sound like toy cars.
like i mean come on they were in the u.s.a why didn't they rent sound equipment while they were there and get this junk right, same with the truck models they had ample opportunity to take pictures of every little detail of the trucks they seen.but instead focused more on the terrain than the vehicles which should be top priority, considering this is supposed to be a truck sim not a california map sim.
If this isn't the final game they're showing then good,but if it is this is no better than the junk scs put's out.
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