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Originally Posted by bubblesjs View Post
i dont know why everyone is putting so much hate on this game, and saying it is just as bad as 18wos series. the thing is, i bet some of you still play 18wos some of the time...... and this is going to be better just for the sake of real licensed trucks, physical and mechanical damage, and great looking cut-scenes. yeah, the graphics arent the best, but you lot still talk about playing hard truck for god sake! so this game MAY be less than what you expected, but most games hardly ever are as good as they are made out to be. and for what your saying about details and stuff, unless your a proper truck fan, you probably wont notice them, because this game wasnt aimed at that audience. if it was you wouldnt be able to buy it for home use and it would just be a training simulator for truck drivers. i bet everyone on this rig'n'roll forum will still buy this game however much they pretend to hate it.
Because it is as bad its taken them years to get this far and it still looks like rubbish,and hating on the game may have something to do with it being delayed like 10,000 times.
When rig n roll was announced as a simulator we were great full because simulators are the best of the best for models, sounds,physics ect look at forza and gran those games have mistakes like this? NO..why? because they care and actually know what to do,they rent the proper sound equipment and record the cars a different rpm's, they video tape and watch how the cars react under different situations and model the cars properly.even tdu's models where very well done.why can't we get quality like that?
If we're paying for it we want top notch not half assed models and physics, you ask 3/4 of the people who play 18wos where they got the game either they torrented it or somebody sent it to them.but it all comes down to the developers and how lazy they are an how good of an eye of detail they have,i swear if a bunch of teenagers and people in their 20's
can make better trucks than game developers IMO it's time to hang up the hat
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