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I agree 100% with Hotel. I tried to write all the problems, but it was very, very ,.... coastline, the text that I had deleted this. Moreover, my English is poor. Let me put it simply and not too much to write ..
SoftLab either working on optimizing the game. But for us as fans crave Hardcore Truck sim they offer editors for modification (physics, models of trucks, traffic, maps ... etc)
Then it would be fair to all and will attract more people to this game. Who wants to run both the original game? Trucks and AI with poor physics? OK play. While enjoying the fun. But those who are looking for truck simulation otherwise, they have the opportunity to modify the game just for them. Softlab will not waste time with real mod and will work to optimize the necessary (Perhaps Softlab the real mod patches were equally bad) community modeller will work 100% faster and better.
According to me a fair solution for all the loving Trucking. and I will not have to freeze reincarnation to 50 years to achieve it in slow SoftLab patches .....
I voted hate the game. Watching the game about 6 years and I've been a big fan and supporter. Unfortunately now what is out there big disappointment. Now I hate the game, but still hope. As a colleague said. I see there the potential for revolutionary truck sim. It is yet unfulfilled potential. If a change of modifications and improvements in the right direction. This game I could love again as before.

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