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Originally Posted by Raishi View Post
Apparently I'm the only one to vote that I love the game so far.

I haven't had any issues with bugs or performance like some others are complaining about; it's silky smooth at max detail on my machine (I would hope so, with my hardware.) I don't have a problem with it being "arcade-y" either; I've been waiting ten years for a sequel to Hard Truck 2, and that's what this is; it plays very much like that, which is what I was personally looking for. If I wanted a slow, realistic sim, I'd play Euro truck simulator; Rig'n'Roll is Hard Truck 3, and Hard Truck was never about realism.

So far, I'm enjoying the game immensely; I quite like making deliveries at 110mph, and I love the attention to detail in the world; the highway systems are far, far better than in any other trucking game I've played as of yet, and that makes them so much more fun to drive.
Rashi, where did you buy the game from?
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