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So i bought this eventually from Gamersgate. Here's my first impressions after one night of testing.

+ The design of the map. All the intersections, roads & scenery looks very realistic.
+ Nicely detailed trucks
+ Overall gfx
+ Truck engine sounds
+ Exhaust effects
+ Music tracks are good and fits perfectly to trucking game.

- Automatic trailer docking. This is more than disgrace in trucking game really.
- Physics seems strange.
- Time limits are too tight.
- Performance is just horrible. (the traffic kills the fps completely so i had to lower it down to zero.)

Overally this game COULD be awesome. It's just that the most important part of the truckers job is docking and manouvering the trailer to tight spot to unload it. I just don't understand why the developers did this automatic shit.

So pretty please developers.
Add the option to dock the trailer and reduce time limits and fix performance and this game could be number 1 trucking game.
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