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Originally Posted by centy2010 View Post
First, I don't compare RigNRoll with PES.

I compare the minimum requirements of 2 games and see what the difference between the 2.
I don't mind that RigNRoll is Heavy or what so ever.

My PC meet the minimum on both games but
PES is playable
RigNRoll is unplayable (bugs & crashes)

When I hear all your arguments about it, We should consider informing the world of the new aspect of purchasing a game :

"If your PC only meet minimum requirements, don't expect the game to be supported nor the game to be working on your PC." These requirements are just displayed to fool customers and get more money from them.
You are comparing the two games no matter how you dress it up, and this is a forum, not customer support. However, I do try to answer everyones questions to the best of my ability. You just don't like the answer, and turn your frustration toward the people/person trying to help. As Lolsmurf, others, and I have said before, the game is playable, just not to peak performance, and some of you will have more difficulties at the 'Minimal Requirements'. This is no different from Half-Life, Doom3, GTA4 & ME2 to name a few. Try playing them with 'Minimal Requirement'. It's unfair to single out 1C or Rig 'N' Roll for flaws that many games have running at 'Minimal Requirements'. As I've also said before, I believe the 'Minimal Requirements' should be taken out of the equation, and just list the 'Recommended Requirements'. This would solve all problems (or at least most).

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