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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
Wait a minute, the bugs and crashes are not closely related to the system requirements. My computer specs are way over even the recommended system and I still have bugs and crashes.
They most certainly are. I can't answer for your system because you continue to report problems without giving your computer specs., (at least I don't remember seeing them) so that I, or others can possibly find the error, or problem. You might have something wrong that you are not aware of. You are also the first one that I know of that has the Retail DVD Version, that could very well be associated with some of your problems.

I far exceed the 'Recommended Requirements', and the only glitches I have encountered is the following:

Sometimes the graphics in the cut-scenes spawn 2 heads, and in others the voice cuts off. The voices also cuts off during some CB calls, and once I had a car appear out of nowhere in front of me. It's a good thing I had a save point just prior to it. I have not seen it since then. Other then that, I have experienced no other problems, and I'm on my third game playing from the start. On my other computer I slightly exceed the 'Minimal Requirements' and had the same issues that everyone else is reporting. I obviously no longer play it on that one.

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