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Originally Posted by Flagman_20 View Post
The only thing that gets me sad is that most people, when that happens, are like "This game is a complete **** up" or "This game is the worst game ever".
Don't get me wrong the game isn't a complete **** up. It has a lot of good aspects. It's a large improvment over hard truck 2. agrivates the hell out of me that they don't have a bulldog any bulldogs in the game (the U.S. version anyway don't know what's in the russian version i'd be royally pissed if I came to find out the russian version's got more in it than the U.S. version). but anyway it's just one of those things where we got our hopes up and now most of us are disappointed. I can litterally play the game all day (keep an ash tray by my computer so I'm not leaving every 30 minutes) but I think a lot of us were expecting it to be a lot more like the 18 wos games and unfortunatly it's not. The more I play it the more I like it. to be honest I don't think I've been impressed with any trucking game that's ever come out (haulin came close). I've got a friend that loves the game and I think he's right when he says "quit being so damn critical the designers havn't been around the inudstry as long as you have so shut the hell up and drive!" and he's probably right. bottom line is the game isn't what a lot of us expected but we just need to suck it up, and deal with it. if they're like me they'll forget about their complaints after a while.

P.S. if they don't they can always go up by frisco with the freightliner driver down the hill from the bridge and plow into a car running 115 if that don't cheer them up their to serious.

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