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Well, I obtained the DVD from Amazon in the UK last Friday, I haven't left this game alone since......

I've been playing various simulators for the last 6/7 years and have absolutely NO problems with graphics, bugs or anything else on this game, I have everything nearly maxed out, and it runs as smooth as a babies bottom, I think that the majority of players try this on laptops and other PC's with low end specs, FORGET IT, this is a game for proper gaming machines with decent specifications. I've done all the races and just poodled around the countryside looking at the scenery, it's visually superb and operationally fantastic. I obviously have the British version, which, by all accounts, runs better than other versions, aren't we lucky.....
I take my hat off to the creators, OK, it could do with a few tweaks and improvements, what game doesn't, but, as a first version, it's fabulous, and can only get better in the future.
And I 'aint a teenager, I'm over 50 years old, with a lot of patience and knowledge of how PC games should be played, and if I'm not happy with certain functions, I change them in the game editor, instead of coming on here to complain.


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