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Originally Posted by Transport Steve View Post
Well, I obtained the DVD from Amazon in the UK last Friday, I haven't left this game alone since......

I've been playing various simulators for the last 6/7 years and have absolutely NO problems with graphics, bugs or anything else on this game, I have everything nearly maxed out, and it runs as smooth as a babies bottom, I think that the majority of players try this on laptops and other PC's with low end specs, FORGET IT, this is a game for proper gaming machines with decent specifications. I've done all the races and just poodled around the countryside looking at the scenery, it's visually superb and operationally fantastic. I obviously have the British version, which, by all accounts, runs better than other versions, aren't we lucky.....
I take my hat off to the creators, OK, it could do with a few tweaks and improvements, what game doesn't, but, as a first version, it's fabulous, and can only get better in the future.
And I 'aint a teenager, I'm over 50 years old, with a lot of patience and knowledge of how PC games should be played, and if I'm not happy with certain functions, I change them in the game editor, instead of coming on here to complain.

i totally agree with you transport steve,i too have the CD version although i play it on my laptop and even though my cpu is slightly under the recommended specs i have hardly any probs at all,there are a few niggles but nothing that i cant live with,i just love this game it has so many good things within it and i think that one thing people forget about is that it has nearly 1250 miles of roads,thats in real terms,i mean that alone is amazing there is no other game out there that has that kind of scope,yes there are a few things that could do with improving but hopefully they might be sorted in any future patch/hotfix or addon,i've played the 18 wos games and all the scs games and they are ok but i like rig n roll better despite what people say about it,i cant get enough of playing this game so much so that my gf doesn't get a chance to get on the laptop any more....

just on a separate note i didnt really know about rig n roll until i found this forum and its thanks to this forum that i decided to buy the game and i'm glad i did.....
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