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Originally Posted by Frantishek View Post

It's serious.

You don't see film of real aircraft spurt fire from wing tips or top of rudder.
Most of those films show the origin right at the tanks and go aft, most times in a direct streak aft, not the red cotton balls you see on this.
It's not serious it's petty.. There could be over 20 aircraft on fire at the same time in this game.. Once again a screenshot is being taken apart, a WIP screenshot at that. This game has to do so much at any one time that to start getting so picky, over a flat lifeless still from an unfinished computer game, (of which this is probably not even 1% of the work that's been done) is, frankly pointless. (I think that proper historical errors should be pointed out on here because that's important.)
But we've had the colour of the sea is wrong, the colour of the grass is wrong, the fire's wrong, the smoke's wrong, the pilot's wrong, the pilot's hitler... the list goes on. The majority of it seems to be about egos on this forum (I'm fairly new to it, most of my posts are on BoP forum)

Then I'm reduced to reading shit like 'I've lived in England all my life and this grass is too green' posted by someone to justify their opinion, when all they needed to say was I think the grass is too green (the devs are quite clever and if they hadn't already noticed this then he may well have saved the day!)

It's a joke.

There's a much bigger picture that we are simply not going to see until we see SoW move... Then you can all start slagging it off proper.
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