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Originally Posted by philip.ed View Post
What is wrong in someone expressing their views? Why post screenshots and not expect discussion? This is all info that Oleg and the team can take into consideration. if you don't like what's been written, then don't read it again. People can post what they like if it's aviation related.
I have no problem with people expressing views. You have a point about the grass. I'm not one for censorship either. I'm just pointing out that there are better ways to get your point across. Sorry for singleing you out but I just found it bizarre that you had to justify your opinion by stating that you were an englishman. You're a regular poster and I'm sure that if the devs were not aware of the problem of the grass coulour, that if you'd just said 'I think the grass is too green', they would look and think oh ok. I would never have mentioned it otherwise. I was using it as an example of where this forum is at.
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