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In a strange way it is reasuring. From my impression on the RoF forum Jason seems to be someone you can believe.....he is also the one getting po'ed real fast about whiner threads, while he knew they were working hard on the sim.

So in a way this is good news if Jason talks so positively about Luthier, give the team time and they will make this into a stellar sim.

What is that about the money?.....hmmm, sure my poll was just a stupid hoax, right?

After so many years and then less than stellar sales you just have to have an inkling that they can't be doing so great moneywise.

Nah, not going to say it, was going to say something about people trying to run this sim on their 4 year old compaq and then complain, but I won't.

Let's hope Luthier and the team keep going on strong.
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