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Default What skill governs bazooka usage?ToW2:africa

Could somebody please tell me which skill effects the firing of the bazooka?

The manual says:Increasing Accuracy skill:Use of small arms.
Increasing Scouting skill:Use of sniper weapons, camouflaging, observation.
Increasing Driving skill: Driving all military vehicles.
Increasing Gunner skill: Firing heavy weapons: tank guns, artillery
guns, selfpropelled guns, heavy machine guns.

But then it also says:Accuracy directly affects the ability of a soldier to hit his target when firing small
arms(including light machine guns but excluding heavy machine guns)

I also read in the manual that it said that a MOUNTED machine gun is considered "heavy".
Well some people would say a .30 caliber browning is a "light machine gun" and that the .50 HB(heavy barrel) is a heavy MG.
well the game treats a MOUNTED .30 MG (in a tank) as "heavy",according to the manual.
The B.A.R. (browning assualt rifle) is .30 caliber and its treated as a "light MG" in this game,from what i can tell,regardless of caliber.
The book also mentioned that GUNNERY skill is used for "large caliber weapons".

Well the bazooka is large caliber ,BUT it is not mounted on a tripod or coaxal mount.(unless you consider the weapon resting on your shoulder a "mount".)
So does the GAME use the GUNNERY skill or the ACCURACY skill for the bazooka?
From what i read it seems like the Accuracy skill would be used.
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