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Originally Posted by ehrfelduniverse View Post
let me explain a little more it is right at the beginning of the level after you drop down from hatch on ceiling,not underwater i walk thru a door and theres stairs going downand at the bottom is a guy hanging halfway out of frozen water.past him to right go thru another door theres a big tank there looks like a boiler and behind that is a steel stairway going up with a big hose coming down from there that is blocking the stairs.the hose leads across past the biler down into frozen water.when you go into the dead guys mind you have to go down that frozen waterfilled stairway and theres a guy yelling and trying to fix some pumplike machine that the hose from upstairs is hooked too.thats where i am stuck.i dont know what to do and then a few seconds later the door breaks open and i am back up by the guy hanging out of the frozen water.i hope this helps.thanks.
I think you´re supposed to close a door or something, don´t remember.
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