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Originally Posted by Dohi64 View Post
thanks for checking. I wonder what the differences is between this build and the more widespread one, what kind of things it fixes.
Here are the fixes between build 35,234 and 35,396 as far as I can tell:
  • LUA Game Library function LocType now works properly
  • When specifying a hint for a rage ability (by removing no_hint=1) the function spirit_attack_hint_gen is now called to show the damage hint
Those are the only two that I know about, we'd probably have to ask the developers for what was really fixed.

Originally Posted by Sir Whiskers View Post
By the way, I picked up KB Platinum from Steam and it's Legend version is also 35394. I'm using Matt's v1.7 build 35396 patch and it works fine.

I think you mean 35,234 as otherwise there'd be no need to use this update since you'd already have the latest...

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