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Any tips for a mage character with the following setup :
Level - 30; Attack - 13; Defense - 15; Intellect - 25; Leadership - 21162; Tolerance 1/2, Mana - 155, wife Feanora. Haas has 1 stack with 9 black dragons, 1 stack with 10 red dragons, two stacks with 13 and 10 green dragons, two stacks each with 16 bone dragons, two stacks each with 18 ogres, one stack with 10 giants, and one stack with 10 archdemons. One of the big problems is that I don't have ressurection spell generated in my game. That's why I must keep inquisitors in the army. So far I tried with demons, lake fairies, sprites, skeleton archers and inquisitors. Funny skelies do less damage to black dragons with dragon arrow than with a normal one, against other units there is no such problem. I can't figure what I'm doing wrong. There were some difficult battles in the game but I managed to win all of them with no losses. This time my army gets totally wiped in several rounds. What's worse Haas army doesn't go after a specific unit but attacks all of my troops. What should I do, besides cursing and breaking stuff

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