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Hello everybody and thank you for your work on this lovely game.

i like to see these in the new patch(es). here goes:

1- rocket loadouts for p-51s.

2- default british skin for spitfires and hurricanes in desert maps. (like what we already have for bf-109s.)

3- spitfire mk1 and mk2 (or at least 8 matchine gun loadout for spitfire vb early. i know its not realistic but at least we can use it as an alternative untill a proper mk1/2 added.) plus battle of britain hurricane mk1 and the english channel map.

4- p-51a/a-36 apache with air brakes.

5- flyable fiat g-55.

6- gunners to shoot ground targets.
for example passing a german car column in your il2, and your rear gunner starts firing at cars as you pass on. or imagine flying a b-24 over japanese ships or somthing. i think it is really cool and exciting. and of course the ability to turn this feature on and off for saving ammo purpose via tabs for example.
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