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Originally Posted by Viking View Post
I hate OT threads but I can’t help to react to all the “dot dot dot” in the latest threads. I think this a NA thing but I could be wrong. So far we had the smiles. , etc, and the LOL´s etc that we all are used to by now but what is this!? Uncoherent and uneducated or just the dots from the future…What’s the opinion…Viking…

...ha ,ha, ha!!!

The appearance of dots in a thread tend to coincide with discussions that have a conversational flow to them.

I use the dots all the time and I never really thought about it...I guess you could call me uneducated if you want to, but I don't think you could call me "incoherent".

p.s. Is "uncoherent" even a word? I don't think it is...

Made up words bug me (LOL)...

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