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Thanks man. Tell me about it. I've put at least another $300 into my 1/10 and thats after buying it new for $250 haha Time to spend more money on my X, i'm hoping to get a snorkel next. I'll need to save up for a winch bumper and winch soon too.
I know, these small rc parts are expensive too. I made a Suzuki Samurai scaler out of my mrc. I checked the internet fo a scale chassis, it was 90 bucks, I made it myself from some aluminium I still had. Same with a snorkel, I made it myself, scale ropes, bumpers.. I guess if you make a cheap scaler yourself that has a winch etc you still pay around 1000 bucks.. But it's fun, when 4x4 season is done I just put me on a chair in my garden with some beers and I drive it around there.
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