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Originally Posted by Feros1 View Post
I have tried everything, drivers, change settings, etc. Do you have an ATI Card? I believe there is an update 2.2.6 coming soon?
I am using an ATI HD5770 and using Win7. I've had one battle CTD (at the end of the battle actually) in all my games thus far. So that doesn't seem to be the cause.

IIRC, my Avast anti-virus asked me if I wanted to run the game in sandbox mode because the heuristics detected a possible virus issue or susceptibility, the first time I ran it. The correct action was to set it to run in full, of course. This has been happening more often, lately, with my Steam games and I suppose a/v programs are detecting possible weaknesses in some Steam apps.

You guys may want to white list the game, and Steam's software, in your a/v programs. I wouldn't be surprised if such annoying bloated ones like Norton just automatically ran it in restricted mode with little info given to you. So there's one thing to check into.
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