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Well, i have the same problem.

I'm having ctd's with that message:
<<Access violation at Adress 006771B6 in module 'engine.exe'.Read of adress 00000030>>

After clcking ok, another message appears:
<<EAccess violation in module engine.exe at 002C6040.Access violation at adress 006C6040 in module engine.exe.Read of adress 00000000>>

After clicking ok and in that message,another message appears
<<FastMM has detected a FreeMeM call after FastMM was uninstalled
engine.exe MM operation after uninstall>>

Especially for the last one, i have never seen that message before.
I made a search in Google and it's about a memory related sofware buti have nothing like that installed in my computer!

Any idea,advice,help??
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