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Originally Posted by Nvrsummer2 View Post
Just reinstalled this game and was wondering what the 'Best' mod out there is?

I never saw any official patches so something with bug fixes and adding things like real nazi flags, uniforms etc.

I saw the onr from AHO but just wanted to make sure there werent others.

Thank you and sorry if this has been asked to death in here. Just want to re enjoy this game before trying MOT. And theres a new one coming out?
I tried to continue AHO's work with DtS, but then forlik released a mod for MoT that allows you to play DtS missions on MoT. No, there aren't any other DtS mods that I know of.

If you mean a third installment, not that I'm aware of. Try the Russian-language version of the forum if you understand the language. Or you could be getting mixed up with a recently-released compilation - "Death to Spies: Gold Edition". Wish there was a third installment being developed right now, though...
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