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The Xeona Battle must have been a pita. Did I see a 254 stack of Demonesses there ? Without myriads of Elven Bows and other knickknack I'd say there is no way you could have even won the battle ^^
Least of all the Dragon Battles there. Holy ****, 99 and 98. I've never had this many Dragons in Ultrax. I mean I've had huge stacks of 30+ but I really can't recall an overall count of 99. I'll pay attention this time in Ultrax and count them. Sadly, I barely have the time (and motivation) to play my mage game atm. I've arrived in Ellinia and it's incredibly boring because now that my Skull is upgraded I'm just way too overpowered. Enemy troops are match mostly and I annihilate them and I'm just playing around with my Spirits to level them equally. And of course I'm failing at that. Zerock is trailing behind so badly... narf.
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