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Thanks, Vulture. I suppose it was a lot in retrospect and somewhat comparing apples to oranges. I overdid the modding because I thought the Archers would suck far worse than they actually did. Here's an exhaustive list of all the changes:

In total, I modded the Phoenixes, the kids while leaving enough randomness that one might be mad they had a kid but not ruined (I got lucky this game--my next game with Gerda I've already checked and I got bad kids for all Dwarves, but I'm going to deal with the hand I was dealt and the decision to have three kids anyway), Feanora, the right hand of each hero to be able to hold a second weapon, the right side of each hero's body to allow for artifact/regalia, added 1 Mind rune per level (per the Sacred Anger boost which I'm now removing). I switched around the Mind skill tree so Reserve was no longer dependent on anything (I always thought it silly to bury it beneath such a worthless skill as Diplomacy), the same for Inquisition (which I thought silly to bury at the bottom of the skill tree to make you have to invest that much if there weren't many Inquisitors in the game)--neither of which I used, anyway. And I did the same for Onslaught and Higher Magic, but decided not to make use of the earlier access after all.

For all my future games, I am reverting the skill trees to normal except for the Reserve and Inquisition edits, and locking all the class skills again. I am debating how many bonuses a wife and baby should give, and have removed one from each of the super babies, with most babies giving 3 bonuses or less, and four super babies with 5 bonuses or less. That still may be too much, but given the randomness, my "Tank" baby that gives +7 Def and some other bonuses to defensive-related stats isn't great to have with all Archers, for example.

I'd planned on attaching a +1 morale bonus and/or a +1 Speed and Initiative to each wife for each of my playthroughs (if they didn't already have one), but I didn't realize how much just 1 extra morale makes in terms of critical hits. The Archers were insane with Feanora's +1 morale, in addition to the morale boosts from the Elven Crown, Ale Barrel, and the critical chance boost with the Archer set. They didn't need it. So, I'm reconsidering that on some of the wives like Mirabella giving +1 to Humans.

The Phoenix was the most important edit. I changed the Young Phoenix to 35 Atk, 30 Def, 6 Init, 6 Speed, 400 HP, and 80-110 damage. The Adult Phoenix to 50 Atk, 45 Def, 7 Init, 7 Speed, 800 HP, 120-140 damage. Both of these were worthless by the time of the pirate ship battles in the Islands of Freedom.

The Ancient Phoenix I got creative with. The base stats were 65 Atk, 60 Def, 10 added Def when defending, 8 Init, 8 Speed, 2000 HP, 150-300 damage. But I knew that Ancient Phoenix would be toast by the end game, so, since I don't know how to make a Phoenix that scaled based off your Int score, for every 10 Int points I had, I modded the atom file to add +5 Atk and Def, for every 5 Int +500 HP with a maximum of 5000 HP, and for every 10 Int +25 minimum and maximum damage.

Once I'm done with the other games, or bored, I may give the Archers another shot with a much more traditional game. I figure it will be a continual refining process with each game of the mods I want to include in the game and which are too much (I definitely want the kids to be of use--it's a worthless factor in the original game).

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