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I also have an issue with the naming convention... Seems like textures are in random orders everywhere, with random names... like Human_sand_01 next to Hamen_rock1a...
Human spelt differantly to not using underscores to using them agian later... Very strange naming convention...

That doesn't bother me too much, I only discovered it because all my mouse over texture tips are in russian. MY tutorial says use this human_01 texture... I can't find it. So I started renaming all of my texture tips just so I could find what I needed. That's alot of work to rename all those textures. So I did just the human pack, saved, reloaded the editor and thats when I found my first issue with the Textures not found problem. But it does that with every pack not just humans...

Is this the only way to fix the texture mouse over tips? -->

And is there anyway to properly align the naming convention? So all my grass is together and my sand together etc...?
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