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Default Fixed!

Originally Posted by JonnyFiveAlive View Post
I downloaded this sourcemedia pack, installed it fine. Everything seemed to be going good on my tutorial lesson until!....
I saved out my game I had been working on and reloaded it later today. I start painting my textures agian and bam! I get this huge problem.
A big checkerbox texture appears and has, [texture not found] painted in it!? Yet I can repaint over it using any texture in the pack... What's going on here? anyone have this issue before? How do I fix it? I clearly can load all my texture and use them... So I really don't understand my problem.
This is what it looks like -->
So I found a method to this madness. I suppose I got the textures to work properly AFTER I had started this project.. I created a new one, and happened to create the same name for my map (sunset_isle). Funny thing was, I started to paint and it loaded all my previous painted textures from the old project and the original sunset isle. So there I was with a flat map with my old paint, and no texture not loaded bug.

Hmmm.... So I just went into the session folder and copied my old localizations folder into my new project and walla!! it works perfect and I didn't lose any work...

Only problem I have now is that darn naming convention... I suppose I will have to renaim the tool tip for the hundreds of textures

I really wish the grasses and sands etc.. were all properly grouped and no russion tool tips with this source media download...

But what can you do right.... If there is anyway of mass re-naming or re-orginizing please let me know... Much appreciated.
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