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Originally Posted by fain2daniel View Post
Im stuck in that room like morgue with 9 boxes with frozen corpses inside the wall,when i open that 9 small doors in da wall,corpses go out and disapear like vanish.i have only one way out from that room,thru one like prison door but when i try to open it the game puts me in da main game menu with standard options like continue from last save,start new game and stuff. i tried and manualy to save with F5 and start from diferent places but when i get there all over again problem.Im havin a 1.0 patch and everithing worked perfect until now.
Is there a trick or something or if somebody can provide me with save file to start from next 11 level or after that prison door.

Everyone's help will be much appreciated.
Strange, I think it is that door you must take, and you say there is no other. Looks like a glitch. :/
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