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I see. Thanks.

In my most recent experiences, however, it's really hand-to-hand combat that is the biggest resource hog, for some reason. It really is funny. I just played the first English campaign mission; the battle of Evesham, which I'd say is a medium-sized battle. The FPS was just fine, really - mostly in its 30's and 20's, which is quite acceptable in my opinion, as long as the units were just moving around or standing still. Even ranged combat left no particular FPS drop.

But the second units started closing in and fought in hand-to-hand, the FPS instantly took a hit, and rarely went above 15 for the duration of the fighting, usually being less than that. It would get even worse if I started zooming in, for some reason.

I'm wondering why that is the case, to such an extent. Is it because the computer has to do particularly many calculations when this sort of combat goes on? But if that is the issue alone, then why does me zooming in have any effect on it?

I truly don't get it.
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