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Smile A very big Mod for Kings Bounty

Hey Friends

This is a Mod for Kings Bounty:The Legend
Over one year i worked at this Mod (okay, not on all days)
This Mod has over 800 Files!!!!

Font size:

And here the original:

Many other visible changes, but it will be too much for the Thread, for all this pictures.

Rough listing:
1) All creatures I have completely changed
2) All spells I have completely changed
3) All items I have completely changed
4) The morale i changed
5) All items without morale.
But when you like, you can use a file with morale
6) All Rage-Ghosts I have completely changed
7) Wifes and Kids are changed
8.) Many other changes
9) This Mod has the "Shop-Mod" and "Rune-exchanger" Mod in it. This are NOT my Mods.

Bugs: See the next Post

Balancing: I hope the best, but i`am not sure at all

How to use the Mod:
Unpack the rar file and put the folder "Creatures", "Files" and "Shop and Runen" in Kings Bounty\data\mod

This Mod included the Mods "Rune-Exchanger" and "Shop-Mod" (This are NOT my Mods). This Items have now Boni, which you gain, when you put this Items in a Slot.

Changes in Update 1 (30.04.10):
1) ALL spells were again revised, improved and bugs removed
2) Shrine of Experience gives much more EPs
3) Rage Spirit need much less Royal Snakes and Venomous Spiders
4) Skill Tree: completely revised, tolerance bug removed, Healer-Bug removed, Bug with the Skill Crystals
removed, Leadership-Bonus in the Skill-Tree significantly reduced
5) All spells are twice, the second time specifically for the enemy Heroes, as they require very little mana
Strong changes have received the following spells (mainly for the enemy): see the Readme
The spells of the enemy you can not write in your Spellbook!!!
But you can use the scrolls , or sell them
The scrolls of the enemy can be identified by the hint: Spell of enemy Hero
Your scrolls also have a 2 after the name of the spell
6) Bonus from Shop-Mod and Runen-Exchanger changed
7) Creatures in the houses are now available again indefinitely
But for that the creatures in the Shop-Mod cost now the fourfold Prize, instead of the triple Prize
8 ) Level cap increased to 35. There are also extra files for a play up to level 45,
to level 45 was not tested!
9) The first Boss-Monster changed (other follow later)
10) Other minor changes

Changes in Update 2 (3.05.10):
1) Experience points for level up now better balanced
2) Treasures slightly revised (a little more Crystals and runes)
3) Leadership-Bonus from Items significantly reduced
4) Prices of the enemy scrolls adapted on there power and the scrolls of your Hero
significantly increased
5) All itmes in the price increased by 100%
6) Mana and Rage by Level-up slightly reduced
7) 250 Crystals are needed to write a scroll in your Spellbook
8 ) Now it gives only one Level Cap, up to 45
9) Change the english files so that the Mod now run with your english Version of the Game.
Feedback will help to make the Mod better
Or when you have wishes, or you mean, something are not so good, please tell it me.

Changes at Final-Version (27.06.10):
See Post 68 of this Thread

Look also at this Post: for more description of changed things

This Mod is NOT compatible with ALL other Mods!!!!!!!
But be sure, you will need no other Mods.
You need to start a new Game

It gives an new version:

So choose the rar with the old Skill-Tree or the rar with the new Skill-Tree
Unpack and move the Mod folder in Kings Bounty/data
That´s all

The folder Zauber doppelter Schaden Gegner, you can use, when you mean the enemies make not enough damage with there spells!!!
Then move the files from there into the folder files from the Mod, but make a backup before!!!

Regards, Marlow

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