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At the creatures you find under abilities, the word Talents. It show the Skill which is needed for a feature.
Example: In the picture below the Grizzly Bear has the feature "summon Grizzly Bears"
and it is need the Skill Concentration at Level 2

In the Skill-Tree you can see it also

Are not real bugs, since everything works correct
1) There are a few creatures that can summon creatures, such as Top of the grizzly bear. This summon creatures have other features so that this are "new" creatures. I try that this creatures are not buyable, but there was no feasible way. So this creatures have in dwellings no picture, otherwise they have it. So it is only a cosmetic Problem
2) The enemy heroes now have "too little" Mana, which I unfortunately could not change.

Okay, two more pictures
At the next you see a wife with there childs which they can get and the bonuses the Kids will give you

At the next you see under the item info, what you get after an upgrade, also by Set-Items


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