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Originally Posted by BigPickle View Post
The third screen in is a re-angle of an older screen, seeing it again has made me ask myself the same question, "hasnt the wrong wing broken off?, with the tree being were it is" i've tried to imagine the many ways it could have happened but its just impossible without the other wing coming off too. Have a look see what you think.
Mr Maddox has said that it happened during taxiing. If the "ground model" is more accurate too now, here's my sequence of events:
After achieving a speed on the taxi-way that turned out too high, this is what could have happened. Still trying to make the turn by kicking full left rudder, the aircraft comes into a sideways slip. The left turn lifted the right wing a bit and the sideway slide brought more air under the right wing, lifting the right wheel off the ground. The left undercarriage gave way from bearing all the remaining weight and the lateral forces. Then the left wing makes contact with the ground and these forces now cause it to break. The aircraft slides to a stop near the tree without touching it.

Have another look:

The thread where the previous image was shown:
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