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Default Re: Arrrgh! Mission 7 - The Abwehr School - really tough mis

Originally Posted by mbv
This one is giving me major grief at the moment I may have to restart it. I have both sets of documents and now have to kill the two high ranking officers in the school. I have the officers uniform but simply cannot kill the target in the room off the ground floor lobby that is full of officers and a couple of guards. As soon as you open the door the target identifies you and if you pull out a weapon at all the lobby crowd, and multiple other guards, kill you pretty swiftly. There is no way to distract everyone in the lobby while you kill the target and if you whistle the guards into a side room all of them come to meet you so that you cannot kill them all.

Any tips on how other people approached this one ?
I managed to finish the mission in a stealthy manner. This is how you do it.
you said you have the documents and the officers uniform. The target that sits in that lobby surrounded by officers(can't remember his name) at some point he leaves the room accompanied by a guard and goes up to the 3rd floor and enters the first room on the follow at a safe distance.wait for him and the guard to enter and the door closes behind them.go past the door at the end of the corridor.wait for them to walk out of the room and leave and before the door closes get inside that room. You find a good spotting position and wait for a few minutes for them to return. Shoot them both with the silent revolver. That's the first target.
For the second target you need the instructor uniform. You can find an instructor in the library .The library is located at the second floor in the same wing of the building where you took the documents from. Once you got the instructor uniform go to the 3rd floor and enter the door where the soldier is . Go inside. On the left there is a rail of a balcony and in front of you there is a door of a that door, but don't enter, you can see an instructor teaching take a short step towards the inside of the room and the action menu pops up and says"Raise fire alarm" press e (use) and immediately exit the room. This is important, exitting the room. The instructor will tell the students to leave and the entire classrom empties. after the students leave get into the classroom, shoot the instructor and hide his body behind the door. then position yourself in the classroom and wait After a while the target will come into that room for a visit. You know what to do
Some basic rules: watch the map at all times to avoid surprises, time your moves, save frequently and use different save files .
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