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Originally Posted by Vertix View Post
Erm, do you even have any idea, how difficult is it to translate THAT russian text into english? I can understand and read a bit russian and I'm not the only one, who noticed the poor translation work in english SR2. Professional job will cost a lot more than 20$.

But then again, despite the fact that SR2 is amazingly addicting game, it still has lost its value, well it does cost only 9$ now, while more popular games cost near 100$.. 1C company might think, if will it even be worth to release that expansion if expenses will exceed the profit..

Oh well, I still hope for the best, that the new expansion will be released to english SR2 someday...
But this makes me ask, how do they create expansions for that game? What tools do they use? Maybe I could make my own expansion instead...
I meant $20 for the expansion which I am guessing everyone in the admittedly small niche world of SR2 enthusiasts would be willing to pay but small quibble.
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