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Hello everyone, I'm Yakov "ru_maniac" Uvarov - one of the Revolution's developers. I'm here to make everything clear as much as possible.

For starters, right now we simply can't afford any translation, no matter how much it might cost. It's simply because that for today Revolution contains approx. 7-8 mbytes of pure text. You gotta understand - these texts are not just some column in your everyday newspaper, it's work of art which is pretty difficult to translate to any other language, not just English, and huge amount of this work doesn't really helps. You just have to accept the fact that Revolution probably will never be translated. All members of our team are sincerely sorry for such kind of inconvenience, but there's virtually nothing that we can do for you except for further conversations on our forum - you all know the address, I suppose.

Some of you folks as I can see pretty interested about what software we are using in our work. Mostly it's our own homebrew programms made few years ago when Russian SR2 community was more or less alive, but few pieces of tools were given by the developers themselves. But mostly we are using what we've done with our own hands: for instance, resource editor, animation conversion tools and our records table (gamers' hall-of-fame, ladder, whatever you prefer) were written from scratch.

If you'll have any questions related to Revolution, I'd be happy to help.

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