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Originally Posted by Valis View Post
ru_maniac, I have one more question. Is there any "easy way" to disable "orange items" in SR2:Reboot? I've always found them very overpowered and game braking (btw. I heard that Revolution "fixed" this issue, could you describe how?).
All equipment is defined within \cfg\Main.dat and \cfg\Rus.dat. In order to change equipment's description and\or bonuses or simply remove entry, you have to decompile them via running rangers.exe with "extractcfg" command line key - that's what basically did Starcleaver when extracted game texts for translation.

Please note that all *.dat files will be dumped into single*.txt.

Speaking about Revolution - we just replaced all disbalanced equipment with our brand-new, including re-balanced bonuses.
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