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I went in via the tunnel from the postoffice. Fairly easy to kill anyone in the postoffice, after that easy enough to murder yourself a way through the tunnels.

The killing of the last 2 guys was hardest for me. I eventually did it by waiting for the first in his office, after getting the key to it from another guard. I shot him and the guard accompanying him in the office.

The last was most difficult, but also most satisfying. He walks between classroom and own office. After him leaving the classroom, I shut the doors to the hallway and the classroom, crouch in the farrest away corner and shot the guard guarding the hallway. Apparently a bug, because the people below can see you shoot someone when standing instead of crouching, but don't mind someone slumping because of getting shot. Anyway, I now rigged the door to the hallway with a grenade and gently leave the building via the front door (I have a officers uniform on, so no problemo). Since the guy takes his time, I got the mission accomplished message when I was well on my way out of the building.
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