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oh hey, a response. Hadn't expected that.
Okay then, new post.

* Re: Drunk pilots.
I can reliably recreate it.
The problem is a combination of:
- Flying in a non-straight line (i.e. Turning) with a
- high manuverability (for fighters: over 200 is iffy, over 400 is a certainty. For Bigships, over 40, iirc.)
- at any faster-than-realtime speed.

If I understand what I'm seeing correctly, the engine does in its navigation calculations the equivallent of frame-skipping in graphic rendering.
Then you get infinite insufficient course corrections, each one throwing it still too far off.

* Slowing to realtime fixes the drunkeness for that time, just stopping the ships doesn't.

* Re: changing a missile carrier from interceptor to bigship: No luck.
So I modified the carcasses.xml in Goblin Wizard's mothership mod, messing with the Butcher.
Assuming that's all that needs to be changed, what I got was:

Changes aren't applied to old saved.
In a new save, a corvette Butcher was spawned in my inv, but couldn't be put in the hangar.
A bigship Butcher just didn't spawn.

Oh well. So much for that little experiment.

* Showing the gun placement on ships' wireframe is good, but can we get a toggleable 3d display of their firing arcs (,i.e. Coverage, lines of sight, whatever) in the tactical display, please?

* Could we get deployable radar bouys, please? Oneshot or retreiveable, as you like.

* I understand that #uses/mission abilities used to =per system.
Given that SW no longer uses that model, could it be changed to maybe a lockout system, with levels either invreasing duration or shortening the lockout?
(I mention that specifically since the archetecture is, I believe, already used, i.e. Skill duration isn't always equal to the skill's cooldown.)

* Another reason that I ask for a leveling alternative: that off-mission exp divisor coefficient (exp*0.1) is a killer.
But for the reasons mentioned above, just increasing it won't be enough.

* Given that in SW3, unlike SW1, scripted events are only trigger by your MS rather than any ship, the ability to escort as a screening element i.e. leading instead of trailing or equal with your MS - would be invaluable.

* The 'defend' pilot assignment is wonderful if that wing is the one being attacked.
If, for example, your fighters are all in one wing and all set to defend, but the enemies are attacking your MS, you'll have 1 fighter, the team leader, shooting, and all the rest just flying aimlessly in and out. :/

* Hacker attack suffers from generally low quality vs quantity opponents, and the cooldown means you can only ever disable 1 ship at a time.
Great for busting an enemy capship's shields, and for paralyzing SAM when he tries to escape from New Kyoto (so you can kill him there and not have to chase him). And not imo much use beyond that.
* Suggestion/request:
If possible, could it be made to affect a wing per use?
Same effect vs. Capships, more use the rest of the time.
(also, why can Hertic do it but I can't?! )

* One last thing:
The SW world is huge.
And as far as content is concerned, mostly barren.
(as far as I can tell, less than half the systems are put to use.)
SW1 had most every point of interest do something, even if only offer you a 'kill this' or fedex quest.
The fact that SW3 doesn't gave that is not my problem (though it could be an the alternative leveling method, if implemented generically.)
My problem is that I'm forced to fly back and forth, slowly across huge tracts of barren (though not actually emtpy) space, at least until midgame rolls along, bringing the first 'long distance travel' script, assuming I can immediately accept it.

Related note:
Systems are much better fleshed out in SW3, and so feel much more 'real' now than in SW1 and 2.
Great job!
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