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When I was forced to run after horse archers with my heavy cavalry I use spread formation until they reach end of map, when I catch them I use close formation again. I know it is taking advantage of game mechanics but I have not found yet other solution besides using my 7 units of irregulars x-bows upgraded to 2nd primary weapon, 3rd is still very expensive for me.
I agree that it would not be good to have cheap units resistant to damage because they always were kind of canon fodder another idea I got is if we could have possibility to choose instead of 2 irregulars one militia unit, instead of 2 militia 1 sergeant etc, possibility to choose huge low cost armies or smaller but expensive, it is just an idea, to have different option and experience, it would be similar how it is with foot and mounted version of same unit, first is bigger and cheaper, second (mounted) is smaller and more expensive but instead of just unit option we might have an army option for something like that. If it was possible then I could have entire mounted army as Mongols or Prussian have because right now I cant have any cavalry instead of irregulars. I repeat its just an idea no complaining. Also do you like how mangonel is useful against infantry but useless against cavalry even when cavalry is stationary? I would prefer if mangonel would hit at least few of those when stationary.
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