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I am satisfied with archery but horse archery. Most infantry have shields finally a game where those shields are not just texture. Irregular archers if upgraded primal weapon are really good and plenty of them. I very rarely use them in front, I prefer to hold them just behind infantry line. Infantry will defeat anyone if supported with those archers even heavy cavalry if they are in round formation. I agree with that close range lethality (what make horse archers assassins of heavy cavalry) - its too much, especially does not make sense against good armored units though I found that using spread formation is saving the day against them for me plenty of times. I would like to see just bit increase in damage for long range but substantially in close especially against heavy units. Perhaps crossbows might be bit stronger but much slower - trade of against those heavy units in comparison with bow though eastern bows were strong in that time against all but best armors but that does not mean that shields could be ignored with them.
Right now what bother me are ctds.
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