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for "alternative" aviation reads you should try some great classics like:

"The Big Show" by Pierre Clostermann (dramatically beautiful and graphic at times!)

"Samurai" by Saburo Sakai (there are some bits of his book that could well make a beautiful movie, like when he's trying to chase fleeing bombers but he's too low and slow, and screams in anger as they get further and further away)

"Stuka Pilot" by Hans Ulrich Rudel (which I suppose you know)

"The Blond Knight of Germany" by Erich Hartmann

"Baa Baa Black Sheep" gives a very unusual insight into war in Asia

"My Logbook" by Gunther Rall

"Spitfire on my tail" by Ulrich Steinhilper

then if you have some time and money to invest:

I have a plethora of Italian books too, some of them are incredibly well written and tell some unheard stories, too bad there's no translated versions of them

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