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Default Friday, September 28 - Patch Release Candidate and Su-26!

Patch download mirrors:


(320 Mb)


Please note that this version is incompatible with previous versions when playing online.

Please download the file and extract the archives to your steam game directory, which is usually
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover

[Edit], October 4
Hotfix for the RC with improvements to British start-up and beta SLI-Crossfire support:

Patch Notes:

- Fixed the plane label bug, where the label would hide behind the clouds;
- Corrected brightness for various light sources;
- Fixed the black front line issue;
- Corrected incorrectly aligned water explosion effects;
- Various other minor fixes and improvements.

- Corrected the bug when attempting to connect to a password-protected server after previously entering an incorrect password;
- Corrected the issue that sometimes disabled the country selection controls when connecting to a server;
- Corrected issues with some plane sounds online;
- Exorcised ghost planes;
- Corrected the behavior of “jumping” cars and some other vehicles;
- Fixed the issue where GamePlay.gpAirports() could return incorrect data.

New Features
Servers can now work with user-made map labels in their scripts.
When a user creates a new map label, server receives the following event
OnUserCreateUserLabel(GPUserLabel ul)
Or, when a label is deleted,
OnUserDeleteUserLabel(GPUserLabel ul)
GPUserLabel – label type, where Point2d pos ;
Player Player ;
string Text ;
double time ;
int type;

Available Label Types :

You can also create your own label with
GamePlay.gpMakeUserLabel(p, GamePlay.gpPlayer(), actor.Name(), GamePlay.gpTimeofDay(), (int)GPUserIconType.Plane)
The server can send a label to the players with:
gpDrawUserLabel(world.GPUserLabel ul); // all players on the server
gpDrawUserLabel(int army, world.GPUserLabel ul); all players in int army
gpDrawUserLabel(Player[] to, world.GPUserLabel ul); only the players in the Player[] to list
The labels can also be deleted correspondingly:
gpDeleteUserLabel(world.GPUserLabel ul);
gpDeleteUserLabel(Player[] to, world.GPUserLabel ul);
gpDeleteUserLabel(int army, world.GPUserLabel ul);

Conducted a huge amount of work correcting and improving aircraft flight models as well as most engine models. All work was based on historical flight test data or flight manuals (Sean, what would we do without you!). Unfortunately our flight model does not allow us to perfectly replicate test results at all ranges of altitude. At altitudes above 8000 m (26,000 ft) most aircraft begin to perform worse than their historical counterparts. Addressing this discrepancy requires a large additional amount of work, and will therefore be done in a future release.
Changes in this patch include:

- Various minor changes and corrections to all aircraft.

- Added Hurricane MkI and Spitfire MkI with constant-speed propellers and 100-octane fuel.

- Corrected the Merlin engine model.

- Added pitot heat controls to Spitfires.

- G.50
Fixed engine heat balance that had previously prevented listed HP from being available at all altitudes.
Added +100 boost that can only be used in emergency mode.

- BR-20
Decreased never-exceed airspeed.

- Spitfire Mk.Ia
Corrected (increased) airspeeds at altitudes above 6K m.

- Hurricane Mk.Ia
Corrected (decreased) airspeeds at all altitudes alongside Spit II.

- Blenheim Mk.IV
Corrected the engine model.
Corrected altitude performance.
Decreased never-exceed airspeed.
Corrected engine modes at all altitudes (RPM, boost, fuel flow, etc).
Implemented smooth flap control.
Changed the airscrew to two-speed.
Corrected empennage values that created too much interference during take-off.
Affixed springs to bomb bay doors.

- He-111 и Ju-88
Corrected radio compass animations.

- Bf-109
Corrected cockpit animations for trimmer and flap chains.
Corrected flap model
Corrected the flap sounds
Corrected the pitot heat light.

Other flight model and engine changes.
- Corrected negative G cut-out for carburetor engines. The effect will be noticeable at around +0.1G.
- Corrected the mixture control level on Hurricanes and Spitfires. It is now push forward for Lean, pull back for Rich. With that, moving the throttle lever to idle will return the lever to Rich.
- Corrected (increased) low-altitude speeds for most Brutish fighters (Spitfire MkI with DH and Rotol aircrews, Hurricane MkI with DH and Rotol aircrews).
- Corrected Bf-109 rudder behavior.
- Corrected fuel flow calculations for most aircraft.
- Corrected (increased) radiator drag when it is opened.
- Corrected throttle control. The entire range is now useful.
- Corrected overspeed sound. It will now steadily increase in volume depending on airspeed.

- Added a Su-26 acrobatics plane.
You can toggle airshow smoke by injecting oil into the exhaust manifold. This is done with the WEP button by default. The default smoke is white. You can select other colors by selecting corresponding loadout options.

The plane also comes with four easter egg weapons that can be loaded onto the center pylon:

- Shotgun – fires explosive pellets with everyone’ sfavorite green tracers;
- Laser – fires a beam that sets an enemy plane alight. Effective distance is 700m;
- Antimatter mortar – fires anti-matter spitwads;
- Railgun – fires a shell that generates electromagnetic pulse that in turn destroys enemy subsystems, especially engines.

NOTE: Our artificial intelligence simply could not manage the pure awesomeness of this plane. If you try to create doom flights of railgun-armed Su-26s the AI will most likely just crash.
The Su-26 is a special type of a recon plane in the game, so other AI aircraft will mostly ignore it in missions.

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