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later on mayby u need to change your playstyle and use different lvl 3 spells.

as for me as mage lv 21 i with heavy invesment in fire spell to lvl 3 i have found an area wich is extremy difficult for me. most demon mobs have fire resistance so i cant nuke em at all.

i think alchemy can be worthwhile but its to early tosay for me in my game. i have not taken it couse i went for higher magic asap.

the heawy spells cost 10 -30 crystals to learn and saving 50% of them can be good.i have about 130 atm with 3 spells to lvl 3 and few learnt. planning to learn resurection to lvl 3 and mayby haste, dragon arrows for the elven archers wich are superb at my game lvl.

remeber in elven lands u will encounter that shaman that had that giant turtle as prisoner. if u pick right dialog with em u get like 15 crystals for free.
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