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Originally Posted by Music View Post
This should go in the wish list, but,... How difficult would it be to make more updated or later versions of the Val, and Stuka, they must have improved them by 43/44/45, at least bigger engines.
I believe that all major Stuka variants are in the game.

The D3A2 ("Model 22") is currently not in the game and would be a good mid-war Japanese dive bomber type. If it were added, it would be essentially a new airplane since the nose would need to be reworked and possibly the pilot's cockpit.

Originally Posted by Music View Post
And another thing, the Late war Betty does not have a bomb load if I remember correctly? does it only carry the Oka, and how do you hook that up.
There are several mid- to late-war G4M variants which aren't in the game and would be welcome. Again, they'd all effectively be new aircraft due to need for revisions to fuselage, engine nacelles, crew stations, etc. and new FM.

IIRC, you have to set up Okha missions using the FMB, attaching the Okha to the bomber like you would assign a glider to a tow aircraft.
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