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Originally Posted by Marabekm View Post
Yes the Japanese did update the Val. (D3A2) It was still woefully lacking by the time it reached front lines in Rabaul. Something about a D3A vs F4Us and P-38s. After that switched to a new carrier bomber, the D4Y series. (D4Y1,D4Y2,D4Y3) and a version designed specifically for kamikaze, D4Y4.
In 1944-45 the Japanese adapted a number of their aircraft for suicide operations. It would be interesting to have at least one Kamikaze variant in the IJN line-up (other than just the Okha). Probably, no 3d work would be required, just some FM and bomb-loadout variations to reflect changes in fuel tanks and built-in explosives.

That said, I'd rather have more mid- to late-war Japanese aircraft which were designed to be used more than once. In particular, the IJAAF needs more aircraft types.
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