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Is anyone using Avenger Angel? Despite the enhances, I still see its usefulness very situational. Perhaps should cost even less mana and/or improve its damage and/or duration.

On the other hand, I have raised locally the mana cost of Slow. And made it shorter. I was using it all the time.

Penalty: 1, 2, 3
Duration: 1, 2, 2
Mana cost: 7, 10, 15

Ingeneers are still useful but not overpowered anymore. I'm more or less fine with them. Maybe could amplify their damage interval, though. And/or getting a charge of "Energetic drink", to improve their speed by two points.

An item upgrade wiped out 80% of my troops. Epic fight. I have decided not to reload and live with the consequences. It was Officers Baton first upgrade and I was level 12.


Welcome zleevz. You should try it out. It's lovely crafted and his author is around, listening to the feedback, fixing bugs and even expanding it. I'm enjoying it far more than the original campaign.

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