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Originally Posted by Sirlancelot View Post
Is anyone using Avenger Angel? Despite the enhances, I still see its usefulness very situational. Perhaps should cost even less mana and/or improve its damage and/or duration.

On the other hand, I have raised locally the mana cost of Slow. And made it shorter. I was using it all the time.

Penalty: 1, 2, 3
Duration: 1, 2, 2
Mana cost: 7, 10, 15

Ingeneers are still useful but not overpowered anymore. I'm more or less fine with them. Maybe could amplify their damage interval, though. And/or getting a charge of "Energetic drink", to improve their speed by two points.
Ingeneers: I increased the short range shooting by 15%. I think there are different oppinions if they are too weak now. They still summons. Alternatively the blind potion could be a slow reload? Or summon could be a reload like Royal Thorn but a little slower.

Avenging Angel: Noted. Yes, if you still never use it is too weak compared to other choices. I'd rather have bigger damage than longer time casted IMO. In v1.21 you get a bonus if you fully upgrade it, then it works for 7 rounds (and not 6).

Slow: Interesting. Along with Fear these 2 spells have great tactical influence on how to controle the battlefield. With a shorter duration 1,2,2 - I think I'd keep the old mana price. Hmm, good point! I guess you would only use it from spell level 2 then, instead trap would probably be more usefull. Have to think about it.

Let me hear from others about Slow, Fear and Ingeneers (in Trent).

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