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Originally Posted by raknefne View Post
Upgrades: I lowered the upgrade difficulty with about 33% in Trent because it is a shorter game. Even lower? Perhaps half of vanilla? BTW Erkihlmarl, I think when u tested Trent the upgrades were as in vanilla.
I get Erkihlmarl point, but would refrain from changing it further. Otherwise we'll end with "low" level characters equipped like gods. "You really want that bow, really? Well, prepare your anus".

Avenging Angel: For next version 1.21, I suggest (color in brown has changes from v1.2):
damage=90-150 //in vanilla: 85-130
lvl_dmg=80 // %
duration=5,6,8 //Trent 1.2: 4,5,7 ---- vanilla 4,5,6
int=0 // intellect does or does not influ
levels {
// level = mana_cost, crystals_cost to upgrade from previous level
1=5,1 //Trent 1.2: 6,1 --- vanilla 9,3
2=7,2 //Trent 1.2: 8,2 --- vanilla 13,5
3=9,5 //Trent 1.2: 10,5 --- vanilla 18,8

With duration 8 for level 3, there's a reward for upgrading, which I never did in any KB games... could be mana 4-6-8 also - alternatively Intellect could influence the damage, which it doesn't now... ??
Avenging Angel should prove to be useful against opponents which you can't damage or affect a big deal without it. For example, against very high defense enemies, like Paladins, or in the presence of level 5 creatures with high resistances as well but a weak spot in magic, like Cyclops.

Also useful against foes that you *need* to take out as soon as possible and perhaps can't evade their hits, like bosses.

Making it cheaper in both mana and crystals is a good place to start from. Let's gonna be patient and test it extensively. I will develop "Magic Light" skill from the Magic tree in my Paladin playthrough, to see how evolves getting it to the fullest.

Slow for v1.21:
Mana 6-9-12 (was 5-7-12). Crystal 5-10-15 (was 2-5-12). Duration 2-2-2 (was 2-3-3). Slowed still 1-2-3.
I didn't change anything with this spell before btw.
Allright. Still a bit less than Fear or Blind, so it seems ok. Well, perhaps I'd reduce first level duration to 1 turn. Let's give that poor bears and knights a chance.

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